Qualifications & Certifications

  • Business Degree, San Jose State (1977)

  • All conference San Jose State Golf Team (1976-1977)

  • PGA Class “A” Golf Professional

  • PGA Certified in Teaching Coaching

  • PGA Certified in Player Development

  • TPI Certified (Titleist Performance Institute)

Golf Fitness Instructor

  • 50 years in the game playing and teaching

Testimonials to Don's ability to individualize lessons:

"Don and I have had a coaching relationship for 19 years.  Over time he has pin pointed my weakness and I have vastly improved my game.  I have worked with Don on shot making, course strategy and the mental game.  With the skills I have learned, I have never played better." 

- Brennan M.

"I met Don Thames through the Junior Golf program that my son was a part of while living in Rancho Murieta. Don is passionate about golf and teaching others how to maximize the joy of playing golf. I signed up for a few lessons with coach Don and the improvement was instant. Coach Don has a unique way of making you understand golf concepts and mechanics.  Before lessons with Don, I would be nervous playing with others or in tournaments. After lessons with Don, I enjoy golf more than ever. Don is a great guy, great teacher and his playing accomplishments speak for themselves."


- Carlos E.