Programs: Fun. Smart. Fit.

Fun is the end game of golf.  Since golf can be played for a lifetime, it is much better played while having a good time.  Learn the essence of how to enjoy the game while learning new skills that will make you a better player.  In my coaching program you will not only have fun learning but you will learn how to coach yourself.  Learn More....

Smart golf is knowing how to score.  Smart golf is learning how to save strokes in on and around the greens.  Smart golf is learning to think like a champion.  Smart golf is combining fun, mental skills and golf fitness to enjoy the game for a lifetime. Learn how to be fit for golf. 

Golf fitness is at the center for developing a sound, dependable and powerful swing.  You will learn proven TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) drills that will enhance speed, power, stability, mobility and balance.  These pillars of golf fitness will become your base for improving your golf swing and gaining an edge.  A brief physical screen will enable you to know your exact physical strengths and limitations. Then learn how to apply your strengths and improve your limitations.

Armed with this information and much more, you will have more fun, you will score better and you will feel better in the process.  Fun. Smart. Fit…Golf. 

​Fun. Smart. Fit…Golf will provide you with a plan for your own personalized practice sessions that will be a guide for your improvement and enjoyment of the game. 

This learning program does not focus on what you are doing wrong and trying to break idiosyncrasies.  Instead, the focus is on learning the key physical and mental skills required to become a good player.  Since the goal of the program is to improve enjoyment and scoring, much of the content will be centered around the short game, putting , the mental game and the physical training required to be a better ball striker.  

"I play and teach golf for the  challenge, the feel of a solid shot and the camaraderie."

- Don