Programs: Play Like a Pro



This program will be aimed at players that wish to take their game up a notch to the next level.  It will be a pure playing lesson format.  All of the principles taught in the class will be about the student’s ability to improve his or her playing of the game skills. 

The class size for this program is three students per PGA Golf Professional.  Most likely this program will take place in the summer months when the days are long and students may arrive to play nine holes after work. 

As I play along with the students, I will simply tell them about what is in my head while I am playing.  Of course, the pre and post shot routines will serve as a good starting point.  Strategic course management, shot making skills, live green reading (a la Aim Point), short game skills and pre round or pre tournament preparation. 

Pre round preparation will entail physical activity to warm up the body, mindfulness exercises, discussion about the “Performance Zone” and how to give yourself a good chance to achieve it.  The students will be taught a reliable routine to use upon arrival at the golf course.  Other mental skills and practice will be taught and demonstrated throughout the playing experience.   

Being taught by a PGA Professional

"The most challenging issues for all golfers is developing the mindset to deliver a confident and efficient swing.  I always wanted to know what PGA Pros thought about as they prepared to address the ball.  Don Thames, PGA Certified Teaching Pro, taught me the techniques to build both an efficient swing and confident pre-swing mindset.  He has played in the US Senior Open and The Senior OPEN.  His instruction and courses have been a game changer for me over the past few years.  He delivers more than “mechanics of the swing”.  He delivers the ability for individuals to improve their game and enjoy the game golf more!"


– David Voss, index 7.6