Mission | Philosophy | Methodology


To enhance clients enjoyment of the game by coaching the skills necessary for them to become better players.  By focusing on proven game improvement instruction that focuses on the mental game, the short game, putting and golf specific fitness to enhance ball striking, clients will undertake a guided program that will improve scoring. 


Clients will be able to follow a specific written program that will guide their skills training.  The program consists of five sessions that when practiced will improve their scores and increase fun.  Please see the Fun.  Smart.  Fit…Golf Program Outline. 


During my fifty year career in playing and teaching the game, I have discovered that many people tend to focus on and continually try to fix something that they think is wrong with their swing.  I have come to know that every player has a unique or idiosyncratic way to swing the club.  Trying to change or fix burned in swing characteristics is counter-productive.  Instead, I focus on teaching clients the skills necessary for improved scoring.  The focus in the Fun. Smart. Fit. Golf… Program will be to learn to lower scores through improvement in the parts of the game most responsible for efficient scoring.  Therefore clients will learn how to be physically fit for golf, they will learn the fine points of putting, how to get the ball up and down, understand ball flight laws so they may coach themselves in their ball striking and finally to think like a champion.  I believe that a program consisting of written guidelines, training drills and practice regimens will allow for improvement, better scoring and more enjoyment of the game. 

Testimonial to Don's Philosophy:

“ I have been working with Don on and off for 10 years.  He is the consummate Professional and still a student of the game.  Hard worker who leaves no stone unturned in order to provide his students the best possible teaching skills available.  Spent $5,000.00 out of his own pocket to spend a couple of days with Stan Utley, one of the greatest short game teachers ever, and passed on much of that knowledge he gained to me in lessons.

That knowledge allowed me to overcome a long existing problem with chipping that was taking the fun out of the game for me.  Add in the putting part and at 63 I am playing some of the best golf of my life.”

 “I recently had the pleasure of playing with Don and all the lessons I have had from him came quickly back in mind. I would highly recommend Don to anyone, from a beginner to a scratch golfer, and have to many of my friends.”

- Morph