About Don

Experience could be the best word to describe Don Thames with regard to understanding how to play and teach the game.   As a player with a strong playing career, Don knows how to put process for performance ahead of outcome.  In this way, he has a solid grasp of what players need to learn to play their best.  “The player that puts winning on the top of their mind often succumbs to over-trying.  Over-trying in golf leads to poor performance”.  Golf is best played with a quiet mind-a mind that stays focused on a simple process. 

With this process based approach, Don encourages his students to play for the fun and challenge of the game vs. grinding over major swing changes.  Every player has a unique swing that he or she owns.  Don works within the framework of the student’s swing and teaches skills that can be applied to all phases of the game. 

Fun. Smart. Fit. Golf…  Learn what you will need to enjoy the game more.  Learn a strong mental game to enhance performance.  Learn skills that Don has used as a player that has played in 6 Major National and International Golf Championships.   Get fit for golf through TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) training principles that improve stability, mobility, power, speed and balance.  You will improve your game and have fun doing so. 

Don enjoys dancing and working with his wife Carole as a Licensed Real Estate Agent.  Carole Thames is active with Don in all of Don’s Professional pursuits including her role as a Caddie, Business Manager and as an extraordinary chef and friend.  Daughters, Makayla (former Sac State Women’s Golf Team Member) and Katie are the lights of Don and Carole’s lives. 

What some happy golf students say:  

"Don is an amazing teacher. He helped me go from barely even being able to hit the ball to being able to play on weekends with my dad. Golf is now my favorite sport."


- Trevor A.

"Don is great at diagnosing the weak areas in a golfers game. After one chipping lesson with Don my handicap decreased by two strokes in just over a month."


- Chase A.

"I have been in the Jr. Golf  Program with Coach Don since I was 5 years old.  Coach Don has helped me to be successful on the Jr. PGA Team and in other golf tournaments."

- Axel S.