"Almost as much as golf and dancing, I like to write.

Inside you will find some articles about some of my travels and competitions.  Also included are some columns I have written about some of the more random aspects of the game.  "

What some happy golf students say:  

"I have taken several golf swing lessons from Don. He not only is a great golfer himself, but he was able to quickly diagnose the major problem in my swing. His method of teaching is great. He does so by all teaching methods which include telling, showing and doing. I highly recommend him."

- Ralph C.

"In all of the years I have known Don, I have noticed that he has a passion of helping others around him. He has a true love for the game and is able to teach golf in a fun way to people of all ages. He is an advocate of growing the game and wants to share his knowledge to the next generation of golfers. He has impacted me as a player and as a person in positive ways."


- Alex L.